Soren Kil is the King of Nafa.

Appearance Edit

Soren has fairly dark skin with black hair. He is blind and wears a piece of decorated fabric around his head, covering his eyes. His hair is long and spiky and he wears part of it in a high bun with gold clasps along sections of hair, and wears the other half of his hair down reaching his upper back. Soren wears layered fitted leather armor that is light grey/white in color. He also wears various layers of cloth on his upper body that flow down his back, making a cloak. These cloth layers have a slight color variance, but for the most part are stone/beige in color. Soren also has various fur, cloth, and gold accents on his armor. He has two large gold rings that wrap loosely around his neck as well.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Light Manipulation Edit

Hailed as the strongest light user on the planet, Soren is well versed in the use of his light affinity. He is able to do a multitude of things of his light ability, but he mainly uses it to create laser-like needles that can pierce almost anything. His light is white/grey in color, with hints of blue. His light has a solar winds and smoke affect to it. Whenever he uses his light affinity, a halo made out of his light appears above his head.

Acute Hearing Edit

Since Soren is blind, he must rely on his hearing in order to "see". He can hear very faint sounds, like the sound of someone breathing or their heartbeat, and can use this in order to accurately locate someone. In addition, he also uses his magical aura as a way of feeling the environment.

Techniques Edit

  • Tracer Beams - Soren can create small beams of light that he can freely manipulate through the air. He typically uses them to follow opponents, making certain that the attack never misses.
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