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Steis was the King of Wrathmire before the civil war, and is now the leader of the Wrathmire Purification Army. He has kept the capital city of Vulcangarde and mounts his war efforts from there.





Phoenix Fire[]

Steis is said to be blessed by the Southern Red Bird of Summer, a mythical phoenix said to harbor within its body the flame of life. Steis is able to use the resurrecting nature of the phoenix to return to life after he has been killed. The large flame of the phoenix is housed in the throne room, and Steis slowly forms from the ashes that surround the flame. It takes 36 hours for Steis to be completely reformed from the ash.

Ash Manipulation[]

By mixing his two affinities, Steis is able to create ash that he can use for various attacks. He typically forms his ash into hard objects that he can apply his flames to.


  • Ashern Hammer - Steis creates a hammer out of ash, and applies his fire to it.
  • Cleansing Wings - Steis creates large wings of fire behind him that send a large wave of fire towards his opponents. This fire is hot enough to instantly turn sand into glass.