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The Storm Sea Pirates are a famous pirate crew, sailing the ocean pillaging anything from ships to settlements. They are second in power and respect only to the notorious Kraken's Tooth Raiders, who solidified their spot with the taking of Goldenport in Yuspar. They are well known within the black world and regularly take jobs as well as conduct their own raids.

The flag of the Storm Sea Pirates is a skull and crossbones, except that the skull is a demon skull with a lightning bolt on the forehead.

Andrellis Island[]

Andrellis Island is a medium sized island lying in the serpent sea. The Storm Sea Pirates use it as a base of operations. The tropical island is largely flat, with one large hill on which the pirates built their main base, with other encampments scattered throughout the island.

The Banshee[]

The Banshee is the lead ship of the Storm Sea Pirates. This large, modern vessel is incorporated with state of the art technology.

Members of Storm Sea Pirates
Name Status Position
Abasi Crow Active Captain
Active Crew