Subros is located on the Briejan Peninsula in Glistan. It is one of the six Free Cities, and one of the five that are part of the Briejan Union. They were once a colony of Alabasta, who took advantage of the countries vast silver deposits.

Geography Edit

Subros is covered in grey rock badlands, with patches of green prairies in between the badlands. Subros is known for still having ties with some of their native culture, despite being colonized in the past. They still hold certain Briejan ceremonies and traditions.

Cities Edit

Martin Edit

The city of Martin is the capital city of Subros. Martin is a walled capital, holding on to the military tradition of the Briejan Empire. The city is heavily populated, with bustling markets and noisy taverns. At the center of the city sits Aedon Keep, the royal castle of Subros. Aedon Keep is known as the "Silver Fortress" due to the lavish silver murals that line the ceilings of the castle's interior.

History Edit

Culture Edit

Silver Silk Edit

Silver Silk is one of the most famous materials to come from Subros. The material consist of silver pulled and processed using a secretive and ancient technique in order to create thin fibers that seem delicate but are actually quite durable. The silk can be woven into amazingly soft fabrics and also used to strengthen other materials. The making of silver silk is still common in the country, as the people are held fast to their traditions.

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