The Sumeca brothers are two brothers from Olirion that lead a group of skilled headhunters and assassins that hunt down users of unique arts and kidnap them. The leaders of the brothers, Siroco and Lagane Sumeca, are very interested in unique arts and are collectors of them.

They search for persons with unique arts, and collect those arts into orbs that they may display for their own enjoyment. They also take jobs as high level assassins in order to generate money for their costly hobby.

Siroco the Golemsmith and Lagane the Artificer Edit

Siroco and Lagane are brothers from Suthor. A small village near blackpond in Olirion, Suthor is known for its secret technique to craft powerful pitch black golems. While Siroco mastered the secret technique, creating pitch black golems that were indistinguishable from real people, Lagane became a skilled artificer and learned to create fantastical objects. Together, their curiosity for unique and secret techniques grew greater, until they decided to begin collecting them.

Lagane built a large artifact using ?? called the extractor, which was able to remove a persons "soul" from their body. The extractor was able to place the personality, energy reserves, and arts from one person into a mechanical orb, killing the person in the process. Siroco was then able to place these orbs into his pitch black golems to essentially bring autonomous life to the golem.

Members Edit

The members under the Sumeca brothers are golems that have been given a synthetic form of life and work for the founders. They dedicate their lives to carrying out their missions.

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