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Tababrin is a tropical island nation located off of Alabasta's eastern coast. There is a secret society on Tabarin, unknown to the national government, made up of Faran.


Tababrin is a lush tropical island, with idyllic beaches and exotic wildlife. This is accented by beautifully built, modern cities that dot the landscape. The architecture from the cities is a mix of all the different cultures that have been coexisting there. The sandy beaches give way to lush tropical jungle, with three major mountains on the island.



Arkala is the capital of Tababrin and resides in the water at the mouth of a large river where it opens into the Silver Sea. It is often thought of as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.



Tababrin is a melting pot of different glistanan cultures that come together to cohesively form the culture of the country. The main two ethnicities are the peoples native to northern glistan (such as alabasta, dagara, methos gran) and the people native to southern alabasta (such as mangori and entarai).