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Tarama is a human originally from Mangori, she now works in Goren Vagri's personal guard. She is highly disgusted with the idea of weakness and cares little for those she deems not powerful enough to live.


Tarama wears her hair in multiple, nearly shoulder-length braids that have golden clasps on the end. She has large hazel eyes and dark skin. She wears simple clothing, a white short sleeve t-shirt with dark blue hemming at the collar, base, and sleeves, as well as faded black jeans and white sneakers. She also wears jewelry such as earrings and bracelets.


Tarama was once a very sweet girl that was highly regarded by those that met her. Previously an archaeologist with no developed art, she had discovered a shrine to a mythical beast known as the Eastern Grey Moth of Autumn. In the center of the shrine was a sleeping moth in a cage with the inscription "For who with a pure heart that imbibes my sleeping soul, who shall be blessed with my sacred winds". Tarama decided to take the inscription literally and swallowed the moth whole, which she was then blessed by the mythical beast possession. Her innocence proved worthy enough for the moth, who's tether was focused on the protection of others.

Tarama was fascinated with the moth and the history surrounding it. She learned all about liminal gates and the alternate dimensional plane of Vanaril, where the moth came from. She learned that it had crossed to this plane a long time ago using a now dormant liminal gate in Lustana, and is one of the few beast spirits living in this plane. She trained and researched continuously and learned more and more about how to utilize her new abilities.

However, her new found power began to change those around Tarama; Jealousy about Tarama's increasing fame drove them to hatred. She began to be shunned by her fellow archeologists in the field and she even began getting death threats. Once, someone had broken into her house and tried to assassinate her, and she had to kill him to get away. She learned that the assassin was sent by some of her former colleagues who were attempting to steal the moth from her, as they believed such a highly valued thing was wasted on her. She didn't know what to do, or if she should go to the police, but confident in herself she went to confront her colleagues on her own. Tarama met with her colleagues that night, but soon found that it was a trap. Her colleagues had called the police and stated that she had murdered their friend and were coming to murder them as well, and Tarama was imprisoned. Tarama's time in prison changed her; she bought into the doctrine of ancient warrior civilizations that she studied, where they believed that only the strong should survive and the weak only live to serve meaningless lives under the weight of the powerful.

Goren Vagri had paid to break Tarama out of her Mangori prison, and she is now a fugitive of the country. Goren's price for her freedom was a lifetime indenture to him, which she gladly took over serving life in prison. Tarama believes she has been given the opportunity to purge this world of those she considers weak and worthless and serves Goren dutifully. She still puts on a kind demeanor, but can quickly become nasty and twisted. While not very physically powerful, she has a high amount of both physical and energy endurance and is extremely skilled in the use of her art. She is one of the most powerful of Goren's personal guard.



Moth Wind

Tarama is blessed by the Eastern Grey Moth of Autumn, a powerful divine beast spirit from Vanaril. This possession allows Tarama to create invisible winds that travel at ultra-fast speeds and is said to be the quintessence of the air affinity. Considered the "unshapable wind", Tarama is largely unable to utilize any form in her techniques and typically attacks by sending forth large invisible slashes, nearly immediately cutting down her targets without anyone even seeing her art. Tarama can freely partially and fully possess herself at will, and will partially possess for one technique then goes back to normal. She frequently sprouts large moth wings to protect herself, and more importantly Goren, from attacks. She also sprouts the moth's sensitive antennae in order to "see" using a form of echolocation that relies on energy pulses emitted from the antennae; Tarama is able to use this vision to see in the dark as well as see in 360 degrees.


  • Invisible Blades - After partially possessing her arm, Tarama can create slashing, invisible wind blades that fly at her opponents at incredible speed. It is impossible to see these blades with the naked eye, and can only be achieved by using some sort of energy perception to track her energy.
  • Moth Nest - Tarama coughs up the blessed moth that resides within her, waking it from its slumber. The moth is a powerful artifact of her possession that is able to manipulate the oxygen in an area. The moth flutters lazily around her, but when she wills it, the moth will disperse the oxygen in a localized area of her choosing, suffocating opponents. This technique requires a massive amount of energy and Tarama can only use it for a few seconds. However, utilizing this technique too often strains her connection with the moth.
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