The Battle at Rinata Village was a public security threat that occurred in Rinata village, a small village in southeastern Alabasta. The threat occurred when Rhazan sent his capture division to this small village looking for a specific person. That person's name was Hillaruk Bashanaram, a child aged 13 who was born with peculiar abilities. Hilla had the ability to draw magical energy from natural sources, allowing him to greatly increase his magical power. At such a young age, he still knew very little on how to control his abilities and was watched over by the current COG team residing within region 3, which is the region that Rinata village is located in. Rhazan likely wanted Hilla in order to use his powers as a sort of magical battery, drawing in magic from natural sources in order to channel it into whatever he needs magic for.

Dashin Shaha and Kogali Mawe were the first to be notified when Wolf and Lucan appeared in Rinata village, as Dashin leaves sandstone monuments scattered around region 3 so that they can be contacted quickly. The pair arrived fast enough to get there before the team could locate Hilla. Lucan, wanting to get the battle over with quickly because apparently there was another, more pressing, mission that needed to be done, commanded his servant Dominion to fight for them. Though only a servant to a Lock, Dominion was a powerful adversary and destroyed much of the village attacking Kogali and Dashin. While the two agents were fighting Dominion, Wolf and Lucan searched for Hilla, who the agents had hid in a cave on the mountainous cliffs. During the battle, Kogali had sent a flare into the sky, notifying the other agents in the region to come help. By the time Wolf and Lucan found Hilla, ??? and ????? were there protecting him. Instead of fighting, they called off the assault, mentioning that they didn't have time for this, and left. Dominion was nearly about to use Ardenter when they called it off, but he stopped and left with them.

Hilla was protected, for now. But the agents decided that it would be best to move him to Jaco.

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