The Deimos flute is a rare and magical artifact with the powerful ability to instill ultimate terror. It is currently in possession of Europa, who has become proficient in its use and knows multiple songs.

The flute, while powerful, does have some side effects. Baltharil, not wanting the flute to be used by anybody but himself, cursed the flute. This curse causes anyone that uses the flute too often to begin to become consumed by their own fears, until they become insane and/or commit suicide. The more powerful the song, the more of an effect the curse has on the user.

History Edit

The Deimos Flute is said to be one of many ancient artifacts created long in the past. The flute is to be crafted by Baltharil, a powerful demon, in hopes of controlling the world. The flute is said to never have been completed, holding only a fraction of its intended power. It is said that Baltharil was banished from this world before he was able to finish the flute, and that anyone who is able to learn all of the flute's songs can revive him

Appearance Edit

The flute is made of bamboo. It is a long and thin flute, with strings tied to one end that hang down with feathers on the ends of them.

Function Edit

This flute has the power to instill ultimate terror. This terror stops the target cold in their tracks, unable to move. The flute works by playing specific "songs". Each of these songs are unique in sound and each produce a specific effect.There are many songs to the flute, but they are hard to discover, usually requiring long hours of "listening" to the flute in a form of meditation.

Songs Edit

  • Terror Song - Simply named, this song can stop enemies in their tracks, paralyzing them with terror. A skilled user of the flute can stop multiple enemies at the same time with this song.
  • Dark Haunt - This song causes people's darkest fears to be manifested in front of them, the manifestation is only as strong as the afflicted opponent allows it to be, as it feeds off of their fear.
  • Nemesis Wake - The most powerful song of the flute, which enables the user to use the terror of the target to control them. The target is terrified of the consequences that would come from not listening to the demands of the user, although they do not know what these consequences are. They listen because of the power of ultimate terror.
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