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Troy works under Goren Vagri.



Troy's father was a dracian merchant and his mother was a viridi commoner. While he is half dracian, he was raised initially in Viridian with his mothers family. As a young child he was chosen to undergo the special training in Goldspire that teaches the lightning form art.


Triple Orcas[]

A gift to Troy from Goren, the orcas are powerful high tech weapons meant for warfare, the triple comes from the fact that Troy was given three. They are floating cannons that are powered by the user's energy reserves, and since they are powered by Troy's lightning affinity their floating has a lightning affect around it in the color of his lightning. These cannons utilize energy multiplication technology to create powerful blasts from the energy flowed into them. The three cannons take on a dull grey color and are stored on Troys back as three long bars, he can quickly deploy the cannons whenever he needs to. The cannons float around Troy and he is able to maneuver them with ease, but they must stay within a certain radius of his body. The sturdy cannons also act as a form of defense, allowing Troy to raise them in front of him for defense from both physical and energy attacks.


Lightning Manipulation[]

Troy is adept in his lightning affinity, and uses it to form lightning constructs for attack and defense. He is one of the few to have learned this version of lighting manipulation from the special training in Goldspire.

Dark Enhancer[]

Troy uses dark enhancement to increase the integrity of his constructs, increasing their offensive and defensive strength.


  • Lightning Form: Welkin Ballista - Troy forms a large balista on his back and fires off powerful bolts of lightning from it.
  • Lightning Form: Vaulted Temple - A powerful defensive technique, Troy creates a large arched temple around him from his lightning that is capable of blocking powerful attacks.
  • Revolving Flash - Troy spins his lightning around his body in a large ring at extreme speeds, he then charges at his opponent, where the ring acts as a sort of saw to cut those that get too close to him.