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Uzaira is originally from Iostuoria and is now a member of the dark organization Dust. She is tasked with leading rebel advancements to overthrow the government of Mbori from within the country.


Uzaira has tanned skin and long black hair that she ties back into braids.



Ibel's Rod[]

Ibel's Rod is the divine gift entrusted to Uzaira by Brummadsaya. It is a long black rod that is sealed inside of Uzaira's body, indicated by a lavender dot at the top of her back. The rod is able to generate electrical storms by shooting a dense beam of energy into the sky. The amount of energy this item requires is immense, and takes Uzaira roughly two weeks to fully charge the item passively (although she can charge it at an increased rate if she wants, it will just take a large toll on her energy reserves). Even when the item is fully charged, firing the beam takes about 55% of her energy, which she luckily is able to regain during the ensuing electrical storm.


Lightning Enhancer[]

Uzaira uses an enhancer style lighting manipulation in order to increase her mobility. She mainly developed this for use during her time in the stonepillar desert when she first got her assignment from Brummadsaya. She has trained the art significantly over the past years of her assignment and is quite skilled at this point.

Electrum Manipulation[]

By mixing the properties of her lighting and metal arts, Uzaira is able to generate and manipulate electrum. Electrum is rather similar to the metal art in general except that it has the unique property of being able generate electricity from energy. Uzaira specifically learned this art to coincide with her faran abilities. Uzaira typically manifests electrum shards on her back that slowly rotate; as she blocks attacks from her opponents, the electricity generated from the absorbed energy is collected in these shards, which rotate faster as the amount of stored electricity grows.


Uzaira is a faran of electrical storms, and is therefore able to manipulate and utilize the energy of lightning and other sources of large amounts of electricity.


  • Electric Cling - Uzaira is able to electrically enhance her feet to allow her to stick to surfaces, so she can walk and stand on walls and ceilings. This helps her traverse the stone pillars in Mbori's countryside.
  • Electric Boost - Uzaira is able to electrically enhance her legs, massively increasing her jumping ability, allowing her jump exceedingly far distances.
  • Electrum Storm - After charging a considerable amount electricity in the electrum on her back, Uzaira spreads the shards around her. Being overcharged with electricity, the electrum shards arc lightning between each other, electrically charging the air around them. This fabricated micro-environment allows Uzaira to go into her faran state, though she doesn't get anywhere near as powerful as she would in an actual lightning storm.