Uzaira is originally from Iostuoria and is now a member of the dark organization Dust. She is based in the Mbori Hideout.

Appearance Edit

Uzaira has long black hair that she ties back into braids and tanned skin. She wears white and red baggy clothing that is accented with gold armor plating. She has red protective tattoos on her arms and forehead. Her right arm is covered in gold plating as well as her shoulders.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Bonding Wraps Edit

Uzaira carries around a large amount of specialty bandages with her for battle purposes. The bandages are made of strong fabric that has metal incorporated into them, making them stronger as well as allowing them to conduct electricity. She uses them in battle by immobilizing her enemy and then shocking them.

Sword Edit

Uzaira carries a sword on her waist for close combat fighting.

Ibel's Rod Edit

Ibel's Rod is the divine gift entrusted to Uzaira by Brummadsaya. It is a long black rod that is sealed inside of Uzaira's body, indicated by a red dot at the top of her back. The rod is able to channel natural energy, giving Urzaira a significant lightning power boost. When summoned, the rod attaches to her back and creates storm clouds in the sky.

Abilities Edit

Lightning Manipulation Edit

Uzaira is able to manipulate lightning in various ways using her lightning affinity. She is able to channel her lightning through various items that she carries with her.


  • Wrapped Electrocution - Uzaira wraps an opponent in her Bonding Wraps and then runs lightning through them, electrocuting her opponents.
  • Electrified Edge - Uzaira runs her lightning magic along the edge of her sword, turning it into a sort of electrified chainsaw.
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