Vedum is the Pilot of Sarcoline, a Sigil hunter guild in Methos Gran. He is a stern man, but is much more caring than he lets on.

Appearance Edit

Vedum is a tall man of normal build. He has piercing green eyes and medium length jet black hair that he wears slicked back.

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Sigils Edit

Being a Sigil hunter, Vedum does not utilize arts but instead collects and uses sigils.

God Sigils

  • Redreaver Sigil - This sigil releases clouds of red smoke from the tattoo on Vedum's shoulder. The smoke spreads out over an area, and can solidify into a solid in any shape of Vedum's choosing. He can use it for offense by solidifying it into sharp objects, as well as defense by solidifying it into large blocks of smoke. He also uses it for a myriad of other uses, such as filling a lock with smoke and solidifying it into a key that will open that door. The Sigil tattoo take the form of a stylized cloud covering his left shoulder with multiple rays of light shooting out. When activating this sigil, the red smoke begins to flow from the tattoo, escaping from the openings of his clothes.

Legend Sigils

  • Goldbird Sigil - This sigil allows Vedum to create small golden birds that can fly towards the enemy at fast speeds. The sigil tattoo takes the form of a bird with a sword through it on his left forearm.

Hero Sigils

  • Greentooth Sigil - This Sigil elongates Vedum's canines, making them secrete a green poison. He typically activates this ability right before biting someone, utilizing it as a surprise attack. The Sigil tattoo is placed on each of Vedums upper canines, and looks like a upside down triangle with a vertical line through it and a black dot on either side.
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