Ward is known as one of the best scrys in Methos Gran. He is a powerful hunter with a solid determination.

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Ward carries an pistol on him out in the field.

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Sigils Edit

Ward has many sigils, powerful ones that allow him to be an effective hunter as well as an adept scry. He specializes in sensory-type Sigils in order to compound their power.

God Sigils Edit

  • Divination Sigil: This sigil is what allows Ward to be such an effective scry. The divination sigil allows him to discern locations of interest including but not limited to sigil shrines. The shrines are extremely difficult to locate using this technique, and take quite a bit of time for him to figure out. He also uses this to essentially observe an area, looking for enemies or items of interest, with this technique working best for things that are close by. The sigil appears as a tattoo of a Y between his eyes. This sigil has been described as the god level version of the Shaman sigil.

Legend Sigils Edit

  • Eyes of Terra Sigil: Ward has a Sigil that allows him to sense everything through the earth in a large radius around him. That means that he can essentially see anything that's touching the ground while this sigil is active. This essentially allows him to see in complete darkness as well as through walls and other obstacles. The sigil takes the form of straight lines that run from the bottom of his eyes to his jaw.
  • Cloaker Cover Sigil: This sigil allows Ward to briefly turn physical objects invisible. He mainly uses it to cloak the bullets from his gun but can also, with some effort, cloak larger objects. The Sigil takes the appearance of a black dot on the palm of his left hand.
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