Wolf is a member of The Twelve Locks, a group of powerful Hybrids that serve Ryazan and Ghost.

Appearance Edit

Wolf has medium messy dark blue hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a dark blue long coat that goes down to his shins. He has a large black leather belt that ties the coat around his waist. Wolf usually keeps one of his arms out of the sleeve, resting his wrist on the belt. Under his coat, He has tight brown pants that are reinforced with darker brown leather pieces. He has white bandages that are tied up his torso and end at his chest, with white bandages on his arms as well that goes down to his knuckles.

Wolf has the roman numeral X on the shoulder of the arm that hangs out of his coat, indicating that he his the 10th lock.

History Edit

Wolf was born as the human Dren Hariko, from Hariko village in Sirisia. He was the best friend of Raiken Hariko, but was kidnapped during Ryazan's raid on Hariko village. He was then converted into the 10th Lock.

As a Lock, Wolf fully remembers his past life before hybridization but, due to Ryazan's experiments, cares nothing for them and only sees them as fragments of a past life for a different person.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Dire Ice Manipulation Edit

Wolf is able to create dire ice with his art, which is a strong form of ice that can reach extremely low temperatures.

Energy Manipulation Edit

Because of the immense amount of energy Wolf possesses, he is able to use pure energy without draining his reserves. Using energy in this form makes is very powerful, but the consequence of doing this is usually draining one's energy reserves too quickly. Using energy without transforming it can be tricky, as the pure form of energy is much harder to control.

Absolute Zero Aura Edit

Due to his art, the area around Wolf drops to extremely low temperatures, freezing almost everything he comes in contact with. Wolf can control this aura, allowing him to touch items and not freeze them, and he can also amplify this aura, making anything within five feet freeze almost instantly. He must control the entirety of the aura simultaneously, so if he wanted his hands to not freeze something than he would have to take away the aura completely.

Energy Regeneration Edit

Due to the incredible amount of energy stored within him, Wolf is able to generate energy faster than he can spend it. This allows him to exert copious amounts of power without feeling any physical or energy drain. While this allows Wolf to battle tirelessly for an extended amount of time, he does have a limit. He can theoretically use high-level arts techniques continuously for about three hours before serious fatigue sets in. This ability also gives him minor healing properties, where small cuts and wounds slowly heal.

Techniques Edit

  • Hunt - Wolf materializes a katana with his dire ice art. This katana has an area of effect, because it freezes the air around it as well.
  • Wolf Head Shield - Wolf creates a large wolf head and upper body including the front legs out of his energy. The wolf is laying down and "bites down", putting Wolf in the mouth. This proves to be a very powerful defensive move since it is made out of pure energy.
  • Wolf Armor - Wolf uses his pure energy to create heavy armor that encases his body, with the helmet of the armor taking the shape of a wolf head.
  • Hunting Frenzy - Wolf freezes the ground in a large area. From this layer of ice, multiple dire ice katanas emerge. While there are katanas in specific locations, Wolf can cause a katana to emerge from wherever he wants, using this to trick the opponent into thinking he can only use the ones that have emerged already.
  • Hunting Festival - Wolf creates clones of himself using his dire ice art that all have dire ice katanas. All of the clones share the same mind and eyes as Wolf, enabling them to see what Wolf sees and vice versa. They can't use his art, but they can pick up objects, including those made of energy.
  • Hunting Carnival - Wolf creates a blizzard for him and his clones to hunt in.
  • Ice Prison Binding - Wolf creates a layer of ice around a target. This does not kill the target, but traps them and makes them unable to move. Parts of the ice can be removed, such as away from the head in order to enable the target to speak.
  • Polar Cosmos - Wolf creates a giant sphere in the sky by rapidly generating ice on his body and then dispersing it into the atmosphere, causing an icy aura to come from him. This large sphere can then be smashed into the earth, causing massive destruction.
  • True Winter - Wolf causes all of his current ice creations to break, producing a large amount of snow in the vicinity. This blinds the target and disorients them by causing a blizzard. Wolf can move about the blizzard freely, as the individual snow pieces can relay energy presence back to Wolf, making it easy to locate the target.
  • Beast Cannon - Wolf creates his energy wolf. Instead of closing its jaws, a ball of energy starts to form. This ball of energy then shoots a large blast towards the target. Being made out of pure energy, this technique is very powerful but uses a very large amount of energy.
  • Summoning: Blade of Boros - Wolf summons the Blade of Boros, an intricate sword made out of ice that cannot be melted. The weapon resembles an intricate katana, with the blade seeming almost cosmic. The Blade of Boros is able to create a thin wave of ice that radiates outwards after a slash. This wave of ice slices through the target and then freezes the two halves of it.
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