Wolfein is a COG Peacekeeper in Region 1.

Appearance Edit

Wolfein is a stern, older man in his 30s, with grey eyes and short, light brown hair.

He wears typical military combat gear in a dark navy color. with the insignia of Haizm on his right shoulder.

History Edit

Wolfein used to be highly ranked in the Haizm military, where he was known for his disdain of lazy soldier. Haizm, being a rich country, has little for their military to do and therefore some soldiers regularly slack off. Wolfein eventually gave up trying to invigorate his troops and happily joined the COG peacekeeping force when the offer was extended to him.

Sloth was bestowed upon Wolfein early in his life, when he first began training for the military. His father had been a high ranking military official and so had his older brother. Wolfein in fact came from an aristocratic military family. It greatly bothered Wolfein that both his father and his brother tried so little to attain the positions that they held, and wanted to work hard so that he could truthfully believe that he earned that position. He worked especially hard when he found that he had no magical abilities, as he knew that he would be given a position anyway. When Wolfein was a young adult, Sloth had presented itself to him while he was training. With his new weapons he quickly became and adept fighter and rose high in the ranks of the army.

Equipment Edit

Sloth Edit

Wolfein is in possession of the sin weapon Sloth, which he uses to quickly incapacitate his opponent. Wolfein, through Sloth, is nearly always emitting a strong gravitational field as soon as he enters battle. This gravitational field makes his opponents seem heavier and makes it more difficult for them to fight.

He may also send slices of gravitational energy at his opponent. Wolfein rarely uses Somnus Aeternam due to the abilities indiscriminate properties. Wolfein can magically "mark" people to not be affected by sloths gravitational abilities, but due to the deadly nature of his sin move, he prefers to use it in an area where no bystanders are around because it is much more difficult to make it selective.

Adriantum Rifle Edit

Wolfein is in possession of a high quality rifle made of Adriantum.

Abilities Edit

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