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Yarrow Tiger is the current Warden of Moon Town. He is also secretly an affiliate of Bellaxandor Mink and has been working within his organization for years.


Yarrow has short brown hair and yellow eyes. He wears the uniform for the Moon Town Warden which consists of a slate grey long coat, light grey pants, and black shoes, as well as black gloves and a light grey undershirt.




Dark Manipulation[]

Yarrow is very proficient in his use of the dark affinity and is able to use a wide variety of techniques.


Yarrow studied ancient rituals, such as the secret ritual of the Jactura, and summoning techniques in order to be able to pull Saston from Ilador, the realm of gods. He was able to successfully force a soul bond with Saston and use his powers as well as use a full possession. Saston has incredibly strong dark manipulation techniques. In order to be able to touch and manipulate Saston's dark techniques, Yarrow needs to do a partial possession with the part it is touching, because Saston's darkness causes weakening.


Yarrow is a Faran of the Moon, where he can draw on the natural energy of the moon. Yarrow is strong enough to converge, and when he does his eyes flash black and black line patterns appear all over his body. This form gives him access to a tremendous amount of energy, but he is only really able to use it at night. The closer the moon is to the earth, the more natural energy he is able to use.


  • Star - A technique that must use a partial possession and resembles the fabled sword of Saston, this creates a broadsword that looks as if it were made of stars. The sword has Saston's weakening affect.
  • Dark Star Combat - Yarrow charges his hands with Saston's dark power and can use area of affect attacks with his partially possessed parts.
  • Planet Bombs - This techniques uses Saston's energy to launch dark missiles at the target, causing weakening on contact.
  • Dark Shudder - Yarrow creates slashes of dark energy that travel through the air.
  • Dusk - Yarrow creates liquid darkness that overflows from his hand onto the floor. The liquid darkness chases the target or targets and ensnares them in darkness.
  • Black Hole - In his Faran state, Yarrow can create an enormous ball of darkness that has an incredible amount of energy in it. This ball has its own slight gravitational force and causes massive destruction when it comes in contact with anything.
  • Lightless Ocean - Another technique that Yarrow can only use in his Faran form, Yarrow is able to create large volumes of dark liquid that can engulf an area, leaving everyone in it completely blind to anything around them.