Yidafa is the head of the material discipline at Ivoria, an arts institution in Entarai.

Appearance Edit

Yidafa has black curly hair cut extremely short, with deep brown eyes and deep brown skin. He wears a patterned dashiki with grey slacks and brown shoes. He wears minimal jewelry: only a carved earring in his right ear, a small septum piercing, and a necklace.

History Edit

Yidafa was extremely talented at a young age, discovering his extension rings ability at the age of 13 and developed enough for use after only a year. He grew up extremely poor and turned to a life of crime, using his enhancement techniques to increase the size of precious materials before selling them only from them to revert to their normal forms when he stopped supplying energy. At 15 he was apprehended by authorities and was faced a year in prison. Once he was out he swore to never return to crime and instead applied for scholarship to Ivoria, wanting to learn how to do good with his gifts.

At Ivoria he developed his bone manipulation as well as techniques to help progress him even further as an arts practitioner. He was an ambitious student, always practicing and studying, trying to figure out the extent of his abilities. He was especially interested in the use of materials to take ones own techniques to the next level, and specialized in exotic materials in the material discipline. After graduation he became a professor for 10 years before leaving to travel abroad. He was invited back 3 years later to come on as head of the material discipline; he accepted and has been conducting research there as the head ever since.

Equipment Edit

Thread Edit

Yidafa carries a small smool of thread with him. hanging from his neck like a pendant. The thread is made from strong fibers and is capable of cutting through steel. Yidafa developed this thread specifically to use with his extension art, allowing him to manipulate it was a far greater energy efficiency for long battles. By placing an extension ring on the thread, Yidafa is able to utilize it in a way almost as if it is an art of its own.

Abilities Edit

Extension Rings Edit

A unique and rare adaptation of the potential affinity, Yidafa is capable of stretching objects and materials using purple rings his own energy. This character art allows him to create purple rings of his potential affinity that can be used as a potential enhance on the objects of his choosing. The more complex the stretch the greater the drain on his energy, both in quantity and in speed. He uses this mainly in conjunction with his thread as, aside from its special properties, something of such small and simple structure is much easier to manipulate. Yidafa has developed this art to where it is advanced enough for him to stretch the holes in his own body, creating circular holes through the area of his choosing. His main use of this is on the palms of his hands, creating holes in them that allow him to pull off faster techniques. With more energy, he is able to create holes in other parts of his body such as his torso, but the movement of so many complex organs requires a large amount of energy.

Bone Manipulation Edit

Yidafa is able to mix his dark and water affinities to allow him to create and manipulate bone. He typically utilizes this in the form of bone needles that he can attach to the end of his strings.

Techniques Edit

  • Threaded Needle - Yidafa's most used ability. He places an extension ring on his thread and places a bone needle on the end. This allows him to create swift, deadly attacks that quickly incapacitate his opponents. He can control up to 5 threaded needles at a time.
  • Bone Needle Snare - Yidafa places multiple bone needles into the ground with extension rings on them set to extend when stepped on, causing an effective trap.
  • Tailored Binding - Yidafa stitches his opponents wrists together and makes the binding hand symbol, making it extremely difficult for his opponents to use techniques.
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