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​While once a colonial powerhouse, Yuspar has vastly diminished in power and influence in recent times due to an incessant piracy problem. While pirates don't have huge influence on land, they terrorize the coastal waters of Yuspar, looting and destroying ships and attacking coastal settlements, the gangs vie for power in the Coast of Sin, attempting to gain more wealth, influence, and territory.


Yuspar enjoys a temperate, coastal climate despite being so far north do to the warm waters that flow down from Olirion, warmed by the hot winds of the nantes desert.



The capital of Yuspar and the last major port not lost to the increasing number of criminals on the country's coast. Queen Emonora Catharina rules from here, though she is very unpopular due to the current situation.


The foothold city for Renwick Swail, captain of the Kraken's Tooth Raiders, in the Coast of Sin. The large city, once one of the most profitable ports in Yuspar, is a major hub of illicit activity and the city holds the largest amount of land in the Coast of Sin. While not officially linked due to her political presence, Swail is secretly funded by Alrah as further destabilization in the country benefits her political agenda.


The foothold city for Shanx Gazarga and his crew. Reverie is a crowded coastal port, filled with bars and casinos and all sorts of legal and illegal businesses. Reverie is also the location of Shanx's orphanage, where he trains children to be elite arts practitioners in order to use and/or sell them in the black world.


The foothold city for The Beniora, a gang of.........


The foothold city for Bellaxandor Mink that allows him easier access to his Valarian clients. Breakport is the smallest territory in the Coast of Sin, but provides an important port for Bellaxandor to smuggle illegal goods into and out of the continent. The city and corresponding territory is overseen by Bellaxandor's main broker, Thera Orr.


The foothold city for ??


During its golden age, Yuspar was a colonial power on par with competing coastal powers like Dracia and Marrow, and even took control of the coveted Iris Islands. However, an uprising in the islands began to bleed Yuspar of its military and resources. Pirates and criminal organizations, which were already a simmering problem in the country, took advantage of this weakened state of the military and increased their raids upon the coast. They gained more influence and power and became more and more of a threat to an already exhausted country, and began taking major ports on the southern coasts.


The Coast of Sin[]

The Coast of Sin is a collective term used to refer to the coastal territories that various criminal organizations carved out for themselves over the years. They are more or less established territories, though they have no legal recognition from any country. An independent sort of criminal government has formed within this area, where territory, resources, and even people are fought or negotiated for.

The Coast of Sin is comprised of five major ports, each controlled by a different criminal organization, and their surrounding areas where the power and influence of that organization grew to encompass.

Iconic Locations[]