Zelerus is the court wizard in the province of Yatrel. He is a mysterious and powerful court wizard with unknown origins, though him and Baron Regirian have complete trust in each other. He does not speak much except to the Baron.

Appearance Edit

Zelerus wears a hooded mask to cover his face. The mask is made from an animal skull but has a jewel placed in the forehead as a third eye. Sprouting from the hood are two antlers and the cloth of the hood is beige in color. He wears no shirt but light armor on his forearms. He wears brown pants with a small cloak of animal fur coming from it. Zelerus also wears high boots.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Mystical Eye Edit

The Jewel placed in the forehead of Zelerus' mask is actually an energy item, where he obtained this item is unknown. With the Mystical Eye in place Zelerus seems to not have the need to sleep. The eye has also given him the fearsome ability to "trap" an opponents mind within the Eye, forcing them to fight in an alternate world.

Abiilities Edit

Smoke Manipulation Edit

Zelerus is a feared and powerful practitioner with an uncanny control over his smoke and allowing him to generate large amounts of it from his body. He is able to shape it into extremely sharp stakes that can disperse and reform around obstacles and defenses.

Techniques Edit

  • Mystical Eye - Zelerus can trap an opponents mind in an alternate world in which to battle Zelerus, Zelerus has control over this world and can change it at his own discretion.
  • Smoke Stakes - Zelerus fires sharp stakes of smoke that can dissolve and reform to dodge obstacles
  • Smoking Room - Zelerus fills an area with thick suffocating clouds of smoke, choking his opponents and dulling their senses.
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