Zeto is a golem created by the Sumeca brothers in order to carry out assassinations and other contracts.

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Godrium Black Iron Rifle Edit

Zeto has a unique weapon that combines the rare godrium metal from Viridian with the strong Black Iron of the Iron cities. This energy weapon is an amplifier rifle, where Zeto can charge it with his art in order to create devastating projectiles with ease. The rifle shapes Zeto's art into a large caliber bullet and can be used to silently kill targets from distance.

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Smoldering Flames Manipulation Edit

Zeto's variation of the fire affinity allows for him to create intensely hot flames that burn through almost anything instantaneously. While Zeto can alter the temperature of his flames, the lowest they burn is 1,000 degrees. Zeto's art usually takes the shape of small, tightly condensed balls of fire, appearing almost liquid. The color of his art is bright red with orange and light green accents.

Techniques Edit

  • Smoldering Round - This is Zeto's main technique, where he forms a tightly condensed ball of fire above the palm of his hand. He can keep the ball floating above the palm of his hand for hand to hand combat or he can shoot it towards a target.
    • Smoldering Round: Pentagon - Zeto creates five smaller smoldering rounds on each of his fingertips. This variation is more useful in hand to hand combat but is not suitable for firing.
  • Immolation - This is Zeto's strongest ability, where he can create a sphere of fire that burns at 1,000,000 degrees. being hit by this projectile causes instantaneous death, and if someone is within a 5 foot radius of the blast zone they will contract extreme burns and probably die, and within a 10 foot radius they will contract cancer from the extreme thermal radiation. Only Zeto is immune to the affects of this technique, so even creating the ball while near allies will kill them
  • Flame Jets - Zeto creates a ball similar to the smoldering round a couple inches from the bottom of his heels. He can use this technique to fly through the air at incredible speeds, and can use bursts to quickly change his trajectory. While useful, this technique creates a lot of noise.
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